Sculpting Facial with Buccal Massage

Sculpting Facial and Intraoral / Buccal Massage in Pittsburgh

Dubbed “the natural face lift,” this sculpting treatment has transformed the traditional approach to beauty in the industry which is dominated by invasive techniques, plastic surgeries and injectables. Due to its holistic approach, the methodology views the relationship between lymphatic, circulatory, immune, and nervous systems as an essential component to health and maintaining longevity. The goal for this treatment is to combat the age-related facial changes and to perform aesthetic correction of those changes by improving the facial posture and balancing out the facial symmetry. This treatment gives the prolonged lifting effect to the face, neck, and décolleté without side effects or risks of complications. The end result will be a happier, healthier, and younger you.
The secret of this technique is the deep understanding of how facial muscles work. Our skin does not exist on its own, it’s the most superficial organ of all. Once we address the underlying issues with the muscles and bones of the skull and improve lymphatics, the skin will respond automatically. Thanks to improved oxygenation, blood circulation, tissue nourishment, and elimination of toxins, this treatment improves muscle tone, and the facial skin becomes smooth and supple, wrinkles and age-related changes melt away. Your skin becomes clearer and acquires that lit-from-within glow naturally!

sculpting facial with buccal massage faq's

What is included in this treatment?
Deep breathing and manual lymphatic drainage movements are done in the beginning and near the end of the treatment. Face sculpting is done as your provider performs a set of targeted skillful massage moves where each group of muscles is worked on in detail and with great attention. Buccal, or intraoral, technique is performed with your provider wearing sterile gloves— this technique allows for deeper work on the facial muscles and their attachments. The treatments ends with head and scalp massage to increase blood flow to the nervous system. You will get up off the table not only well rested and rejuvenated, but with a clear head.
How long is the treatment?
This is a 75 minute long facial of pure relaxation.
How many treatments will I need? 
This is not a quick fix treatment. Although, visible results can be achieved right from the first session, we recommend a systematic approach in order to create a long-lasting effect. Just like you cannot expect to have Arnold Schwartzenegger's body by only visiting your gym once, you should not have exaggerated expectations from having this treatment once. An intensive plan of 6-10 treatments, once to twice weekly is the ideal depending on age and skin health.
Is it painful?
Absolutely not! The technique concentrates on slow, mindful, deeply relaxing movements to give you effective long-lasting results and restore your face. Most clients fall asleep during their treatment!
Is there any aftercare?
This treatment triggers metabolic processes not only in the skin and tissues of the face but in the whole body. We start with deep breath work to stimulate deeper lymph nodes and wake up the lymphatic system. Excessive fluids are drained. Harmful foreign substances and toxins begin to be excreted more quickly and efficiently from the body — that’s why it’s very important that you drink plenty of fresh clean water to help your body clean itself!
Who should not receive this treatment?
Not safe during pregnancy, must wait a minimum of 6 weeks after injectables and not recommended for those with acute inflammation.Be sure your Esthetician is informed if you have any medical conditions, including allergies, and if you are using topical medications on the area to be treated.
This is a highly specialized treatment. Calming the nervous system, stimulating lymph and massaging the facial muscles externally and then inside the mouth. Lifting is achieved by toning, strengthening and/or relaxing the main facial muscles, straightening the fascia, targeting certain bone sutures of the skull, improving the blood supply and removing spasms. Blood and oxygen supply and collagen production increases, while muscle tension (that leads to deep wrinkles or expression lines) releases. New tissues regenerate and the appearance and elasticity of the skin improve.

Our bodies and our face hold on to negative or repressed emotions. Any type of trauma we've experienced can get stuck in our tissues for years. This can cause many health concerns and dictate the way we age. The release can be profound. 

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