Is Your Makeup Causing Your Breakouts?

Is your makeup causing your breakouts? I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that their skin has been looking so much better after all this time wearing no makeup and letting their skin breathe. I’m all for the makeup-free face but makeup doesn’t have to be bad for your skin!! In fact, the top layer of our skin is dead skin, so it really doesn’t even breathe! And makeup can be a great form of additional (key word: additional, you still need SPF) protection to your skin from the sun. So why is your skin looking better after going makeup-free?

For the love of all that is skin care, DO NOT go to bed with your makeup on. Your skin has marinated in your foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and setting powder along with the oil your skin has been producing and the bacteria from touching your face. Removing your makeup is important!

PCA Skin Daily Cleansing Oil
PCA Daily Cleansing Oil, $38 at Reveal Skin & Beauty Spa. Remove your makeup properly! Toss those makeup wipes away- you're just spreading that gunk around. The best way to cleanse your skin is by double cleansing! Start with an oil based cleanser on dry skin and your makeup will melt away. Follow up with your favorite water based cleanser. I recommend PCA’s Daily Cleansing Oil and PCA’s Facial Wash!
PCA Facial Wash, $33 at Reveal Skin & Beauty Spa

Wash your makeup brushes!! You do not need that accumulation of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. Ideally, you are doing that weekly. If you are acne prone this is extra important!

Finding the right products can be challenging. If your skin is more clogged/congested I would stay away from liquid and cream based products. Experiment. If you think a product is causing a issue for your skin, stop it’s use for 2 weeks.

Go make-up free as often as you can. DON'T SKIP on your morning and evening skincare routines (including wearing SPF)! And remember, we do FREE Skincare Consultations! Feel free to call or make an appointment with one of our skincare experts to get your questions and concerns answered or to just find out what products would be best for YOUR skin (not that influencer that gets paid to push a product). 

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